What is GSM Finder?

Gsm-finder is a Multiple Task software having Compatibility Finder, Code Calculator, Unlock Phones, SD Repair, Reset Usercode, Repair "DEAD" Phones, Remove SIMLOCK Protection and more. All you need is a computer and dongle . Our flash files can be downloaded from the download area.

Activation & Credit Prices

Buy Gsm Finder dongle & get many features activated for FREE, like 15 Credits FREE + NKtool + Code Cal + Brand/models + Secret codes (+moto+blackberry -coming soon) Standalone Unlimited! Some tools no need dongle.Click here to see the complete list.

Available in 2 Flavours

Gsm Finder have 2 flavours: 1. Gsm Finder ver2.1.9 with FREE 15 Credits for first 15 days(Semi-Free) - Some features totally Free & Some Need Credits). 2. Gsm Finder ver3.0.1 Dongle with 15 Credits (ver3.0.1 to above are dongle versions)



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